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Defense in Depth (DiD)

Defense in Depth or DiD is a multi-layered defensive approach to protect data and information from intrusion. If one mechanism fails, another steps up to immediately thwart an attack.

This approach works as you effectively close the gaps that are created by relying on a single security solution and it can be applied to all levels of IT systems and can significantly improve your security profile.

The security elements of defense in depth are:

Network Security Controls such as firewalls. they analyse the network traffic and allow or block traffic based on a set of security rules.

Antivirus Software – critical for detecting and protecting against viruses and malware.

Analyzing Data Integrity – checking files and code against a known list of viruses and malicious codes and IP addresses.

Network Behavior Analysis –  Behavioral analysis starts when the firewall or intrusion protection has failed. It detects specific behavior and can either send alerts or execute automatic controls that prevent a breach from continuing.

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