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Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is a person who can effectively work with both the front and back ends of a website or application. This means that they can tackle projects starting with working with the client to plan and design the project to the back end databases, to building the user-facing interfaces of websites.

A full stack developer will be familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and back end languages such as Ruby or PHP or Python.

Full Stack Developer Skill Set:

  • Front-End Development
    • CSS, JS, SPA
      • LESS, SAAS, GULP
      • Angular
      • React
      • TypeScript
  • Back-End Development
    • Python, Node JS, PHP, GO
      • Django, Express JS
      • Design, Caching, Middleware
  • Database
    • MySQL, SQLite, PostGres, Mongo DB
      • SQL, Clusters, Joins, Sharding
  • DevOps
    • CI, CD, AWS
      • Nginx, Ansible, Lambda, SQS
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Hybrid Apps, IOS/Android
      • React Native, Iconic