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UI short for User Interface is the term used to describe the series of screens, pages and visual elements that enable a person to interact with the website.  Anything a user is able to interact with to use a digital product or service is considered UI. This includes the devices themselves, such as touchscreens, keyboards, mice, and even lights.

UI design or User Interface design, is the process of designing interfaces in software and ensuring that users are able to easily understand and use the product. When creating impressive UI’s you should the following points in mind:

  1. Make elements perform predictably.
  2. Ensure they are easily discoverable or found
  3. Keep interfaces simple and ensure everything has a purpose
  4. Focus on hierarchy and readability
  5. Minimize the number of actions needed to perform a task
  6. Keep controls near the object that they control
  7. Ensure proper responses and feedback is given to users
  8. Ensure there are ways to reduce user work – ie pre-fill in forms
  9. Re-use elements to help guide behaviour
  10. Ensure consistency