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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is the act of ensuring your website is able to be used by people with disabilities like hearing, color blindness, old age and other physical and mental disabilities. Usually Accessibility testing involves a mix of both manual and software based testing to ensure that the website conforms to the required level of compliance.

The common challenges or disabilities that the accessibility guidelines aims to fix are:

  • Visual disabilities – color blindness, poor eyesight, visual strobe issues
  • Physical disabilities – difficulty or unable to use a keyboard or mouse
  • Cognitive disabilities – learning difficulties or poor memory
  • Literacy disabilities – Reading problems
  • Hearing disabilities – hearing impairment or deafness

When websites conform to accessibility rules it creates a barrier free experience for as many users as possible.  There are laws in place across the globe that require businesses to ensure that they ensure that their technology be accessible to everyone. And we encourage you to research the accessibility laws within your country.

For more information, read the Accessibility Testing blog post and download a free checklist.

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